Famous Female Lawyers and What Made Them Famous

by admin on April 25, 2009

For years, women have fought for their rightful place as equals in society. A major part of this movement involved women trying to secure a place for themselves in the workplace. For some women, success did not follow their hard work and determination. For others, their belief led them to become influential and famous.

Arabella Mansfield

arabella mansfield

Arabella Mansfield is one of those women. Born in 1846, Mansfield was an activist for women during the nineteenth century. From voting to women practicing law, she was there fighting for equal rights. In 1869, Mansfield became the first woman ever to become a lawyer in the United States. This achievement, as well as passing the Iowa bar exam, led way for women to practice law. Although she never practiced law herself, Mansfield certainly opened up the doors for other women to pursue a career in government and law.

Carol Moseley-Braun

carol moseley-braun

Another woman, Carol Moseley-Braun, not only defined women’s rights’ barriers, but race barriers as well. Carol Moseley-Braun is a U.S. lawyer and politician. Moseley-Braun was the first and only African-American woman to ever be elected to the U.S. senate as a senator. On top of that, she was the only African-American woman to be elected as a democrat. As a lawyer, Moseley-Braun took part in the Crosby VS State Board of Elections and sued her own board for African American citizens.

Hilary Rodham Clinton

hilary clinton

Hilary Rodham Clinton is another famous woman known for her determination. Growing up, Clinton always participated in school activities and was most always at the top of her class. Her parents always suggested she try to be independent and successful, and her father always believed her gender would never limit her life and choices. Clinton attended Law School at Yale University. Today, Clinton is the 67th Secretary of State to the United States, and well as a lawyer.

These are just three of the many influential women who’ve made a difference in their life and the lives of millions. From personal success, to national success, these women have proved to the world that women are a force to be reckoned with, especially in terms of law.


patricia 11.02.09 at 3:41 pm

that is very good that she did that.one dayni am going to be a famous black women lawyer.

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